Categorize Conversations

Updated on October 6, 2022

In this guide, we will see how to categorize conversations and check the analytics. This will help to organize historical data and make certain conversations easier to find – if needed.

Category Management

A “Conversations” tab has been created in the Project Settings tab. When viewing this, you can view/add/edit/delete categories as shown above. A total of 100 categories can be added, and up to 50 characters per category name. Created categories can be registered for each conversation and if a category name is modified, all previously registered categories will be affected and modified as well. If you delete a category here, all categories registered in the conversations will be removed.

Categorize by Conversation

Navigate to the Conversations tab. In the “General Info” window seen on the right, you can set categories for each conversation. Similar to Q&A/Document hashtags, you can register multiple categories per conversation.

The selected category can then be used to search for conversations using the filter on the left, and the category is also displayed when downloading conversation information.

You can also check the trend of the number of conversations by category in the Analytics tab. Check the number of conversations by date in the Top 5/10/20 categories based on the number of conversations you belong to, or in the category you manually entered. In this case, the date on the horizontal axis is based on the date the conversation was created.