Q&A Auto Generation

Now Alli can generate Q&A pairs from your uploaded documents automatically, take care of one more item that’s used to be done manually by human agents. How to use it is pretty straightforward and simple.

Go to the Knowledge Base > Documents menu, and you’ll see the ‘Auto-generate’ button next to the document names, under the Q&A column.

Simply click the button to let AI generate Q&A pairs from the document. The button changes to ‘Initializing’ then ‘Processing’ status, before turns to ‘View Candidates’ link after a while.

Click the link and you’ll be redirected to the Candidates tab and see all the Q&A pairs just generated from the document. The Q&As are marked as ‘Auto-generated’.

At this point, you only see the auto-generated Q&As at the moment because the newly-added ‘Q&A Generation’ filter is applied. Click the filter and see how it works.

If you check the ‘Auto-generated’ checkbox, only auto-generated Q&A candidates are listed. When the checkbox is checked, you can select one or more Source Documents so you can only see the Q&As generated from those documents you selected.

After you review the auto-generated Q&As, you can add them to your Q&A database by clicking on the + button at the bottom right corner of the Q&A,  just like you add other Candidates!