Updated on January 28, 2022
  1. Help: Link to this guide.
  2. Download: Download user data (filter is applied)
  3. User Name: Name of your customer (user).
  4. View conversation: View the conversation history with the customer.
  5. Delete: Delete the customer (user).
  6. Search/sort/filter: You can search for customers or click the filter icon to sort/filter the customer list. Please see below for more details.
  7. Email and User ID: Customer’s email and user ID.
  8. Preview Setting: Enable preview to view as the customer in the preview environment.
  9. Assigned Agent: Default agent the customer is assigned to. Admin or Super Agent can change the assignee.
  10. Variables: Customer information saved in variables are listed. You can also edit some variables here. Consists of Custom and SDK.
  11. Add customer
    • New customer: Add new customer individually.
    • Upload customers: Upload customers in bulk.

Sort and Filter

Filter and Sort popup appears when you click the filter icon.

  • Filter by status: You can filter test customer or non-test customer. Test customer is who is assigned to be used in the skill preview when you test your skills.
  • Filter by assignee: Filter by assigned agents. Multiple agents can be selected.
  • Filter by variables: Filter by variable value for the customer. For example, you can filter out customers with no email addresses by setting the condition as ‘@EMAIL is blank’. Click ‘+Add condition’ button to start adding conditions. Multiple conditions work with AND logic (only the customers who meet every conditions are shown).
  • Sort order: Change the order of the customer list.
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