Message Settings

Now agents can use saved messages when they talk to customers on Alli chat. This feature will be a big help if there’s any set, frequently used phrases such as a formal introduction. Let’s see how to set up and use this feature.

To save frequently used phrases, go to Settings > Messages > Frequently used messages.

  1. Click the ‘+ Add’ button here to add a new message. You can include links, images, and video links in the message too.
  2. Saved messages are shown here.
  3. Delete or edit the message.

You can use saved messages under the Conversations menu.

  1. To use the saved messages, click the ‘Answer Suggestions’ tab after selecting the conversation.
  2. You can see the list of saved messages under the ‘Frequently used messages’ section. The section can be collapsed or expanded.
  3. Click ‘Use this answer’ to paste the message in the input box.
  4. You can edit the saved message before you send it to the customers.