Setting Permissions for Documents (Per document or by folders)

Updated on December 21, 2022

Permission by documents

Let’s see how to set permissions to access certain documents. You can click the edit icon for each document and manage the list of agents who can access the documents under the ‘Who has access’. Please remember that the admin of the project has full access to any documents.

  • Viewers can read, check metadata, and search from the document.
  • Editors have all the access Viewers have and are able to edit or delete the document.

The list works as a whitelist. This means that any agents who are not listed here cannot edit, read, or search from the document. Thus if you’re using the Documents database for the below purpose, utilizing this permission setting may not be the best way to manage your documents.

  • When you want to only limit the editor permission, but allow the viewer access to any agents

To help you with this, you can turn on the ‘Allow other unlisted agents can also view’ toggle so anyone accessing Alli SDK or unlisted agents can run a search from the document.

Setting Permissions for SDK/API Users

Similar to contact management, you can manage which users have access in the “Access List” for each document. These users only access the document through the SDK or API calls. These users don’t have access to the dashboard nor have editing rights

The access list follows the whitelisting method. Therefore, the document is not suggested to users who are not registered on the list when searching for the document. However, if you turn on the “Allow other unlisted customers (SDK/API users) can also view” option located under the access list, all users will have the ability to search for the document.

Customer access list management supports adding customer groups in addition to adding individual customers. For individual management, select and add customer id (user id) from the options on the left, and for group management, select customer group.

Both of these variables are user-specific and a customer group can be assigned from the Customers list as well as shown above.

Permission by folders

You can set permissions to multiple documents using folders.

Under Knowledge Base > Documents, or after clicking the ‘Check all folders’ from there, click the ‘+New Folder’ button to add a new folder. Type in the name of the folder and select the list of agents, then click submit to create a folder. The viewer and the editor permissions for the folder works similarly as the document’s one.

  • Viewers can see the files in the folder and have the viewer access to the files. By the way, if individual documents have their own permission settings, the documents’ settings are applied.
  • Editors have all the access Viewers have and are able to edit or delete the folder, and the documents in it.

Once you create a folder, you can select the folder when you upload documents. You can also select uploaded documents by checking the checkbox and selecting ‘Move documents’ under the ‘Other actions’ icon (the meatball icon next to the trash icon) to move existing documents to the folder.

If you check the ‘Overwrite document’s access list with the folder’s option, the document will use the folder’s permission settings.

More information

  • Only editors of the folder can delete or edit the folder. ‘Adding folders’ permission can be managed under Settings > Agents > Groups by editing certain group permissions, by checking/unchecking ‘Add new folder’ under the ‘Documents’ section.
  • Access ‘Check all folders’ to edit or delete folders. When you delete a folder, you can choose to delete the documents in it or not. You can either delete all the documents or move the documents out of the folder.
  • You can see the list of documents in the folder once you navigate to the folder. Any documents that are not in any folders are listed on the main page under Knowledge Base > Documents.
  • When you use the search bar at the top, only the documents in the current folder are included in the search.
    • To search from all the documents, run your search on the main page.
    • To search from documents in every folder, access ‘Check all folders’ and run your search. The documents on the main page won’t be included in the search.
    • When running a search in folder A, only the files in folder A are included in the search.