Export Variables node

‘Export variables’ node is now alive! Using this node, you can collect and export values from variables while a skill is running.

In other words, this node enables you to export customized statistics from skills, in addition to the data available from the Analytics menu. Let’s take a look at an example.

Example skill

With our existing node, ‘Send a message/Ask a question’, you can select button options as an answer and save the response of the users into a variable. Let’s create a variable named SELECTED_1ST and save the response there.

After that, let’s create an ‘Export variables’ node and add the variable that you want to export. SELECTED_1ST in this case. Alli will take a snapshot of SELECTED_1ST value at that moment while the node is running.

Overall flow of the example skill is shown below:

This example exports the data for what the users selected from the first node. You can add multiple variables in the ‘Export variables’ node in order to get multiple data points.

Export variables to .xlsx

You can download the data collected from the node in the Analytics tab. Please check “Include data from Export variables node”. Please note that only 1 month of data will be supported.

The data from the ‘Export variables’ node is exported as a separate file and has different sheets by skill name. Each sheet consists of timestamp, skill name, node ID, customer ID, and values of variables.


Please be careful with the placement of this node. ‘Export variables’ node should be placed after the node which triggers the first user input from the conversation. Otherwise, invalid data will be exported. (e.g., please avoid connecting this node directly to Start node.)